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7 steps to get on top of your local house shifting worries and save grief

Author: Sangram Sawant

Hire the best Packers and Movers before you shift your house

Looking for local movers and packers for shifting within your city?
Searching for inter-city packers and movers?
Hunting for the best international relocation company?
Glovve offers you a complete suite of house shifting services. Choose trusted, verified service providers for Car Transportation, Home Search, Packers and Movers, Storage Solutions, Furniture Rentals, Home Settling-in Services, Office Moves and more.

Irrespective of the distance you shift to, house relocation is always time-consuming. Ideally, you need to plan your home shift months in advance.

Finding the right movers can be a pain. There are just too many of them around. And it’s awfully difficult to judge the quality up front.

Glovve saves your day with a total package of house shifting services. Choose trusted, verified services for Within City Packers and Movers, Home Search, Storage Solutions, Furniture Rentals, Car Transportation, and more.

For a stress-free house shifting experience, read these 5 articles.

1. Tips for shifting your house within the same city.

Moving within the same city is definitely simpler than moving to a new one. But intercity moves face its own challenges. Here’s a useful article to help you plan and manage your intracity house shifting efficiently.

2. Tips to stay calm during your home relocation

When shifting your house, there are a lot of things to look after. Amidst all the chaos, it is very easy to lose your cool. You can get over stressed and even fall sick. This only adds to the troubles.

To ensure you don’t end up sick, stressed, or grumpy on the moving day, use these 14 house shifting-day tips.

3. Tips for turning your new house into a home

If you’re moving within the same city, it is probably because you’ve bought a new house. Or you wish to stay closer to your workplace and reduce your commute. Or you just want more spacious surrounds.

Whatever the reason, you are leaving your old house behind, and moving into a new one. It is natural to miss your old home.

Getting used to the new house certainly takes time. Here are 6 tips you can follow, to make your new house feel like new home.

4. 10 things to check before renting a house

If you’re moving into a rented house in the city, you’re probably familiar with the area you’ll be moving to.

But that’s just one of the things to consider. To ensure you don’t end up in a house you don’t love, there are several other things to watch out for.

Do use this checklist of things to consider before renting a house.

5. Computing the cost of moving house

Relocating to a new house is not cheap. Even if you’re moving within the same city.

Are you hiring packers and movers for your intracity relocations?

The costs vary, depending on how you plan and execute the move.

Here’s an article that helps you decide what is the cost of moving house.

Glovve has the perfect solution to ease your intracity relocation woes.

6. Glovve offers you a complete house shifting experience

These cover all the stages of moving your house and delivers you peace of mind.

  1. Begin your house shift with finding a new house on rent or for sale in your new locality, or city. Put an entire team of trusted realtors to find it for you, quickly and efficiently.
  2. Plan to rent furniture, appliances, or vehicles in your new city. Discover why renting is smarter than buying.
  3. Get trusted Packers & Movers to move you to 260 destinations in India. Glovve helps you with packing and moving services for local city house shifting, intercity home shifting, and international home moving. Get instant quotes free of charge, read reviews of movers and packers, and make informed home shifting decisions that give you peace of mind.
  4. Benefit from Glovve’s car transportation service to shift your car, bike, or SUV safely. Experienced movers stand by.
  5. Think of storing household items that you do not use often, but are too precious to dispose of, in our state-of-the-art storage facilities. Improve your living space and reduce the clutter.
  7. Take advantage of our new home settling-in services to ease into your new house. Find maids, plumbers, electricians and more without hassles.
  8. And finally, if you wish to move your business, or office, explore Glovve’s Office Shifting services.

Save grief. Choose only trusted local packers and movers.

  1. Why would you move with unknown, unverified packers and movers?
  2. Why would you risk damage, or loss to your precious household items when you shift?
  3. Why should you put up with delays from packers and movers?
  4. Why would you choose half a moving service when you can get the complete moving services at Glovve?

Read the FAQs on moving to understand the benefits of moving with Glovve's Packers and Movers.

More tips for a stress-free local relocations

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  2. 7 must-dos for a happy home shifting experience
  3. 6 mistakes to avoid on the moving day
  4. Important things to look out for when choosing a moving company

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