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Store the articles that you don't use, or are too dear to discard, in our Storage Containers

Use Glovve’s storage solutions to store infrequently used items

There may be items in your home that you don’t use often, or are too dear to discard. Like the grandfather's clock, or the colonial furniture that you can’t just let go. Why let this take up valuable living space, or clutter it, when you can store it away safely in our storage containers?

Save space and money in your new home.

As you know real estate costs are pretty high these days. Then why waste precious space in your home with things that you don’t use often? Get our Move Consultant to quickly calculate the wasted cost of space versus storage costs. You will realize the savings to you.

Get a team of top real estate professionals to find your Home.

To help you with finding your dream home, Glovve has tied up with the very best real estate partners in key cities. This means that you get the power of an entire team of trusted real estate partners to work on your exact home requirements. You simply co-ordinate with the Glovve consultant. We’ll manage the process for you.

Let Glovve store your precious items, securely.

Stash away all your precious furniture, and warm memory-evoking articles, at Glovve’s state-of-the-art, secure storage facilities across India.

Currently we offer Storage Solutions in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Calcutta and Bangalore. If you plan to stay in any of these cities now, or in the future, our home storage solutions are just what you need. You can also choose our Storage Services at your destination city or any other city convenient to you.

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Get high quality professional storage services for securely storing your household articles

Use the Storage Calculator to compute the savings when you use our Storage Services

Benefit from the best deals. The more items you store and the longer you store it for, the less you have to pay


Take advantage of Glovve’s dedicated consultant. Guarantee yourself peace of mind by securely storing your precious articles

Stack away your precious articles at Glovve's Storage in 4 simple steps


Send us your enquiry with a list of items you wish to store away


Get our Consultant to guide you on the costs and the approximate savings to you


Sign-up for the service. Pay a fixed monthly fee. Our team will pick up your stuff from your home and put it into the storage facility


Manage your stored items and monthly payments as long as you want

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