Glovve offers Home Moving Service in India across the largest
number of Locations compared to any other
23 Top Cities and over 150 Locations

Glovve helps you find your new Home, We get you trusted Packers & Movers to shift your house.

Plus, we do everything to ensure that you settle-in at your new home comfortably.

Gloove’s dedicated services team will stand by you like a friend to ensure that you have a hassle free Home Moving experience from start to finish.

Here is a comprehensive list of Glovve’s Services across all our Locations in India.

  1. Glovve Home Search Service, helps you find your New House on Rent or Sale
  2. Glovve Home Packing & Moving Services, helps you move to your new home
  3. Glovve Car Moving Services, transport your Car, Bike, or SUV anywhere in India
  4. Glovve Secure Storage Services, stores your precious stuff at our storage facilities in India
  5. Glovve Furniture Retail Services, helps you lease Furniture, Home Electronics and Automobiles
  6. Glovve Home Settle-in Services, fixes all issues in your new home and provides Orientation Services
  7. Glovve Office Relocations, moves your Business, or Office to a new Location.

Check out Glovve’s House Shifting Services in some of the most popular business cities:

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