Beware of Fake Packers and Movers

Glovve – Home Moving ka Saathi is deeply concerned about the number of cases of Fake Packers and Movers in India swindling customers.

The trouble is that it is never possible to say apart – Who is a genuine Packers & Movers and Who isn’t. In fact, the fake ones usually do a better job of selling themselves than the genuine ones – Because their main motive is that they are robbers posing as Packers and Movers – And what better to rob you than visiting your Home and packing all your Stuff and vanishing in thin air – right under your nose – It’s as easy as that – And you would be watching them do this – while you pat yourself on the back for choosing such a great Packers and Movers – who probably gave you such a drop-dead price!! The little money you paid as advance is gone and so it all your valuables, when the next thing you know is that the phone no of the Packers and Movers has gone dead and the nightmare has just begun.

There are hundreds of stories that get published in mass media about such heists by Packers and Movers and we at Glovve take it up on ourselves to educate our customers not to fall prey to such fake Packers & Movers in your city.

Here in this section we feature stories that get published in Mass media – So you can see patterns in the modus operandi of these fake Packers & Movers. While the best option is to work with Glovve and have a delightful experience, if you still had to find and Packers & Movers from the open market, we wish that you choose right and that you and your family and valuables are safe.

Feel free to call Gloove for any help in connection with this – Our Number is +91-9613330555

Fake Packers And Movers - Links and Articles in Media
The Free Press Journal    24 Apr 2017
The Times of India    17 Sep 2017
The Times of India    24 Sep 2014
Pune Mirror    13 Feb 2010

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