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Kolkata - The City of Joy!

‘The city of joy’, ‘The cultural capital of India’, ‘Gateway of Eastern India’, ‘Heaven of the aged’ - these are just a few of the many epithets associated with Kolkata. While all of them are pretty self-explanatory, the diversity in their meanings conveys just how many sides there are to this magnificent city.

Kolkata is the land of some of the greatest artists and leaders to have ever lived in India. Rabindranath Tagore, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda, Amartya Sen, C V Raman, Satyajit Ray, R D Burman, Kishore Kumar - all of them have their roots in this city. The contribution of this city and its citizens to India’s emergence as a 21st century superpower is simply awe-inspiring. And living in this city and addressing these greats as ‘your own’ is a matter of immense pride.

Trust Kolkata to always keep you happy, interested and entertained! The Victoria Memorial, recognised as the ‘pride of Kolkata’ is a monument that locals frequent quite regularly. The Howrah Bridge needs no introduction and the same goes for the iconic Kalighat Temple. There is also an array of museums and palaces in Kolkata, with the ‘Indian Museum’, ‘Science City’, ‘Birla Industrial and Technological Museum’, and ‘Marble Palace Mansion’ standing out among them.


Relocating within/to Kolkata

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Kolkata’s people are as sweet as the city’s globally popular ‘Mishti Doi’ and ‘Rosogolla’; perhaps they are even sweeter! This, arguably, is the best part about living in Kolkata. It is the reason why people migrate to this city in large numbers and its residents never even consider relocating to a different city. After all, when you are surrounded by joyous and large-hearted people in a city that offers a great scope for maximising and quickening your professional growth, why would you even think of living elsewhere?


Know about Glovve’s Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Home shifting has the potential to be quite a unique experience. Now whether that experience becomes unique for good reasons or bad, depends upon your choice of packers and movers for the purpose! And this holds even more true in Kolkata. Hire professional packers and movers in Kolkata and you’d remember this experience with fondness; hire an unprofessional service provider and you would remember the experience for altogether different reasons. So it is important that you do not err while making this decision. If you wish to do just that, then entrust Glovve’s packers and movers in Kolkata with the responsibility of completing your house relocation.

Glovve’s movers and packers in Kolkata are among the most trusted and reputed moving and packing service providers for shifting houses within/to the city of joy. Our professional packers and movers conduct your home relocation while assigning maximum importance to safety - an extremely rare trait among service providers in this industry. We make this possible by using our patent-pending smart technology. This technology guarantees complete safety and absolute transparency at every stage of the home moving process. 

Glovve has brought together the top packers and movers in Kolkata and has quality trained them to help them deliver services at a level even higher than their already lofty standards. With them in charge of your house relocation, you can be safely assured that you would never experience even an iota of stress throughout the duration of your relocation. 

Yet another benefit that our customers enjoy is the freedom to choose the quote that is apt for them. We provide multiple, instantaneous quotes from some of the best packers and movers in Kolkata. These quotes belong to 4 categories - gold, silver, bronze, and basic. You can evaluate each one of them before arriving at a decision.

Glovve’s movers and packers in Kolkata would help you relocate to even the remotest corner of Kolkata. We have packers and movers in Salt Lake, Tollygunge, Rajarhat, New Town, Alipore etc. who are on standby, awaiting a chance to help you shift your home. Even more importantly, you can avail of such high quality services at fairly reasonable prices. Why should quality come at a price anyways? Relocate with Glovve and treat yourself to a memorable home moving experience.

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