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10 things to know before moving from Delhi to Bangalore

Author: Dipesh More

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Delhi is a city in North India. Bangalore is in South India.

Delhi is also the capital of India. Bangalore is known as the IT hub and Silicone Valley of India.

Bangalore is 2,167.1 km away from Delhi. Delhi and Bengaluru, both being major metro cities are well connected to each other by air, rail and road.

The distance between Delhi and Bangalore can be covered in 2 hours and 50 minutes via air, 34 hours via road and 32 hours and 55 minutes if you take a train.

Since Delhi and Bengaluru are both major metro cities of India, you won’t experience a rude culture shock. But you will certainly notice some differences.

Delhi has the highest number of vehicles. Bangalore is the second highest. Delhi is more populated than Bangalore. Delhi is also more polluted than Bangalore.

To make the transition simple for you, we’ve put together a list of things about Delhi and Bangalore.

4 things you should know before moving from Delhi to Bangalore

1. Bangalore is a true cosmopolitan. People from all parts of the country move here for work each year.

2. Bangalore is the IT hub of India. This city has the highest number of IT companies in the world.

3. Every other person you meet in Bangalore is probably an engineer.

4. You might love Delhi for its cleanliness and greenery. But did you know that Bangalore is also one of the cleanest city in India?

3 things about Delhi you will miss in Bangalore

1. Food

Delhi is a foodie’s paradise. The city is known for the variety of North Indian food served here. If you are moving to Namma Bengaluru from Delhi, you will certainly miss the tangy and spicy food.

Food in Bengaluru is comparatively less spicy. Also, because of the difference in South Indian and North Indian style of cooking, the same food might taste different in both cities.

Finding multi-cuisine restaurants and international food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. isn’t a problem. But you’ll definitely find yourself craving the street-food you enjoyed in Delhi.

2. Nightlife

Bengaluru is the Pub capital of India. Also, the city is considered safer than Delhi. The only problem is, night clubs in Bengaluru can’t stay open past 11.30pm.

If you are used to partying till the wee hours of the morning, Bengaluru will leave you disappointed.

3. Wide Roads

Bangalore is infamous for the traffic congestion in the city. The roads here are narrow. People drive recklessly. In Bangalore, there is no such thing as lane driving.

If you are used to the wide roads of Delhi, prepare yourself to get stuck in traffic jams even when travelling short distance in Bangalore. The traffic jams get so bad some times, that it takes up to 2 hours to reach a place you’d normally reach in half an hour.

3 things you will love about Bangalore if you are moving from Delhi

1. The climate

Delhi is too hot in the summers. And then, it’s too cold in the winters. The climate in Delhi is always extreme. But at Bangalore, the weather is mostly pleasant.

2. No language barrier

You’d expect language to be a problem for those who do not speak Kannada. But thanks to the varied mix of people living in the city, it is not at all difficult to find someone who speaks the same language as you do.

3. Safer than Delhi

Delhi isn’t very safe. It’s sad that it is considered to be the rape capital of India. Bengaluru, on the other hand, is considered quite safe. For both, men and women. You wouldn’t have to worry too much before taking a public transport late in the evening. In fact, Bengaluru is the first city in India to have women-run public transport.

Find out more about the city of Bangalore in this detailed city guide for Bengaluru..

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