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5 questions to ask before you hire packers and movers for car transportation

Author: Sagar Thosar

How do you choose the best car transport services when you relocate to a new city?

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Finding reliable packers and movers for car relocations isn’t that easy. With so many in the market, how do you decide who is the best one?

Here are 5 questions to ask before you shift your vehicle

1. Where do I find the best packers and movers for car moving?

If you’re moving your household goods too, you should ideally look for a relocation company that takes care of both your needs.

But is it even possible to find movers and packers that specialize in moving household goods as well as car transportation?

Well, if you hire packers and movers from Glovve, you also get the best car moving services.

Irrespective of the relocation agency you choose on Glovve, your car is shipped by experts in the field. Your dedicated move consultant takes care of the vehicle shift for you.

2. How do I prepare my car for relocation?

Before you hand over your car to the vehicle relocation agency, you’ll have to make sure it is ready for the move.

Here are 4 things you must do.

i. Clean your car properly, both inside as well as outside. If you spot any scratches or dents, click pictures. When your car arrives at your destination, this process will help you identify new scratches and dents, if any.

ii. Remove all the documents from the car. If there are any personal items, remove that, too. You might lose it during transit. Why take the risk, right?

iii. Check your car for any leaks or loose parts. This will prevent any damages to the vehicle during the move.

iv. Switch off your car alarm. During the car shift, it is possible that the car might move a little. If the alarm isn’t disabled, it might go off, causing inconvenience to everyone.

v. When handing over your car to the relocation agency, make sure you place the car cover along. This will help the movers ensure that your car doesn’t suffer any scratches during the move.

3. What is the cost of shipping a car?

Car transportation is not cheap. Depending on the vehicle moving company you choose, the costs may differ.

When hiring packers and movers for car transportation from Glovve, you get the best service at the best price.

Read more about the exact cost of moving a car here.

4. Will I get door-to-door car moving services?

You’re moving to a new city you probably know little about. Do you really want to take the pain of figuring out where and how to pick up your car from, when it arrives?

After moving to a new city, you’ll already have several things to worry about. Why add to your list of woes unnecessarily?

When hiring a car transportation agency, make sure you pick one that offers door-to-door delivery.

5. What if my car gets damaged during the shifting?

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Even if you’ve been extra careful.

What happens if your car gets damaged during the move? How will you manage the expenses involved in repairs?

It’s best to discuss these things with your vehicle relocation agency before you hire them.

With Glovve, you don’t have to worry about any damage. If your car does get damaged during the move, the insurance you take before you shift, will cover you.

Save grief with trusted car shipping services from Glovve

  1. Why would you ship your vehicle with unknown, unverified packers and movers?
  2. Why would you risk damage, or loss to your car, vehicle, or SUV?
  3. Why would you choose half a moving service when you can get the complete relocation services at Glovve?

Glovve offers you more than just car transportation services

To make it easy for you shift your house, Glovve has put together a complete set of services for you.

These cover all the stages of moving house and delivers you peace of mind.

  1. Begin your house shift with finding a new house on rent or for sale in your new locality, or city. Put an entire team of trusted realtors to find it for you, quickly and efficiently.
  2. Plan to rent furniture, appliances, or vehicles in your new city. Discover why renting is smarter than buying.
  3. Get trusted Packers & Movers to move you to 260 destinations in India. Glovve helps you with packing and moving services for local city house shiftingintercity home shifting, and international home moving. Get instant quotes free of charge, read reviews of movers and packers, and make informed home shifting decisions that give you peace of mind.
  4. Benefit from Glovve’s car transportation service to shift your car, bike, or SUV safely. Experienced movers stand by.
  5. Think of storing household items that you do not use often, but are too precious to dispose of, in our state-of-the-art storage facilities. Improve your living space and reduce the clutter.
  6. Take advantage of our new home settling-in services to ease into your new house. Find maids, plumbers, electricians and more without hassles.
  7. And finally, if you wish to move your business, or office, explore Glovve’s Office Shifting services.

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