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7 things you should know before moving from Agra to Mumbai

Author: Dipesh More

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Moving from Agra to Mumbai for a new job? Taking your family along?

Mumbai and Agra don’t have much in common. But adjusting to life in Mumbai after moving from Agra won’t be too difficult.

While Agra is a major tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai is known as India’s financial capital.

Every year, 1000s of people move to Mumbai for better job opportunities and an improved lifestyle.

If you’re moving from Mumbai to Agra, it is best to know about the city before you relocate.

Here’s a city guide for Mumbai to help you find everything you need in the city when you shift house.

To ensure a happy stay in Mumbai, here are 7 things you should know.

1. Mumbai roads are almost always jam-packed

You’ve probably heard your friends whine about Mumbai. There’s a traffic jam somewhere, all the time.

The traffic jams in Mumbai are a headache. Especially if you’re travelling during peak hours. Infrastructure projects on highways such as new metros have made the normal bad traffic, insufferable.

If your workplace isn’t right next to your house, it is best to leave a few hours in advance.

2. Mumbai’s local trains and metro rails are great saviours

Local trains make commuting within the city so much simpler. The only problem is that it’s overcrowded during the peak hours.

If you can get used to the crowd, the local trains are the best and quickest mode of transport in Mumbai.

3. Rickshaws thankfully, run by the meter in Mumbai

Unlike Agra and most other cities, rickshaws in Mumbai actually run by the meter.

All rickshaws in the city have electronic meters which are very difficult to tamper with.The chances of rickshaw drivers cheating you on the fare are very rare.

If you’re travelling short distance, autorickshaws are the best.

4. You can never be completely prepared for the Mumbai monsoon

Monsoon in Mumbai is absolutely unpredictable.

If you’re expecting it to rain today, and the forecasts say so, it probably won’t.

If the day looks bright and sunny when you step out for work in the morning, you’ll probably come home drenched because it poured unexpectedly.

During the rainy season in Mumbai, flooding is common. Traffic gets worse.

Local trains get cancelled or delayed. And the city that never sleeps often comes to a stand-still.

But this is also the time you realize how helpful the people of this city are. The true character of Mumbai residents shines through during emergencies.

5. When in Mumbai, visiting Khaugali is a must

Living in Mumbai, your life is incomplete without the staple Vada-Pav and Pav-Bhaji.

Mumbai is known for the lip-smacking delicacies you get on the streets. When in Mumbai, trying the street-food is a must.

6. For shifting your house from Agra to Mumbai, rely on Glovve’s complete home moving services.

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  5. Think of storing household items that you do not use often, but are too precious to dispose of, in our state-of-the-art storage facilities. Improve your living space and reduce the clutter.
  7. Take advantage of our new home settling-in services to ease into your new house. Find maids, plumbers, electricians and more without hassles.
  8. And finally, if you wish to move your business, or office, explore Glovve’s Office Shifting services.

7. Save grief when moving house from Agra to Mumbai

  1. Why would you move with unknown, unverified packers and movers?
  2. Why would you risk damage, or loss to your precious household goods?
  3. Why would you choose half a moving service when you can get the complete moving services at Glovve?

Follow these tips to choose the best house moving services.

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