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Read this before deciding which items to store with storage solutions


 Items that deserve storage solutions

It is becoming increasingly common in India for people to use storage solutions to keep their goods safe and secure for a period of time during which they may not need them. Many people use such services because of a home relocation as well. Many packers and movers also provide storage solutions which makes it easier for people to utilize these services. What most people are not completely aware of, though, is how to decide which goods should be kept in storage and which goods should just be sold or discarded. This blog would shed some light on this issue and help you make an informed decision about the same.

Store your goods wisely with these handy storage solution tips

  • Electronics: Electronic items should usually not be stored for a period of more than a couple of years because they would have little value by the end of that period. Besides, they may be affected by moisture which may render them completely useless. The storage rent you’d pay for them would just be a waste of money. If you want to store them just for a few months or days on account of your house shifting, then it is totally worth it.
  • Furniture: Furniture is a tricky item to store. If the conditions at the place where the furniture is stored are humid, there is a high chance that the moisture would damage your furniture. Wood is the most popular material for making furniture and moisture causes wood to ‘crack’. So you’d be better off selling the furniture than storing it if you wish to keep it in storage for a long period of time.
  • Clothes & clothing accessories: No matter how much you love those pieces of clothing, clothes and other fashion accessories must never be stored. The reason? Well, fashion trends change every few months or so. So there is no point storing that striped shirt because it is bound to go out of fashion pretty soon.
  • Miscellaneous: Sometimes, the decision to store or discard goods may depend upon the circumstances. Say, for example, if you are moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job, you can’t carry that lucky Lord Ganesha idol there with you because it is simply not allowed. If you plan to move back to India, keep that idol in storage. If you are there for the long haul, better donate the idol to a temple.

These tips would hopefully have helped you decide which items deserve a storage container and which ones do not. Thank us later!

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