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5 tips for saving money when moving to a new house

Author: Sangram Sawant

Moving home is time-consuming, stressful and expensive. If you do not plan it right, it can certainly burn a hole in your pocket.

Are you planning a home move, soon? Worried about over spending?

Use these 5 simple tips to plan a home move within a budget.

  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • This is the most important part of planning a home move. This should also be where you start your planning and preparation.

    How can you minimise costs and stick to a budget if you don’t have one?

    Making a budget first also gives you a clear idea of what the actual cost of moving home is.

  • Choose packers and movers that are cost-effective yet reliable
  • Moving on a budget doesn’t mean hiring the cheapest packer and mover you come across. Pocket-friendly can sometimes lead to grief later.

    Can you hand over all your precious household goods to unknown packers and movers? Of course not. It isn’t safe. Nor advisable.

    When you hire home moving services from Glovve, you can be 100% sure about safety as well as quality. Packers and movers that Glovve has partnered with are hand-picked by our experts. All our move partners are Glovve verified and absolutely safe.

  • Make sure your movers offer damage protection
  • This is something you need to be extra careful about if you’re hiring pocket-friendly packers and movers. Most of them do not offer insurance for your household goods.

    Glovve solves this problem for you. Irrespective of the packers and movers you choose, your home move comes with the Glovve guarantee. This ensures that your goods reach you on time and with zero damage.

  • Save money on packing material
  • While your packers and movers will take care of most of the packing, you will still need to pack your personal belongings on your own.

    When packing these, don’t spend money on buying new boxes.

    If you have old and used cartons lying around, it is a wise idea to re-use them. If not, make use of plastic boxes or suitcases you might already have at home.

  • Pick the right time to move

They say timing is everything. This is true when moving home, too.

People usually prefer moving home during the weekends, a public holiday or in a month closer to the beginning of the new academic year at school. This is the peak season for moving companies. Since there is so much demand during this time, it is natural for their rates to increase.

If you’re keen on saving money and your schedule permits, pick a date during the off season. This way, you won’t just pay less but will also get better quality service, since there won’t be too many other customers to focus on. Win-win, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for home moving services that are cost-effective but also provide quality service, Glovve is the best choice.

Once you fill in your move details here, you can instantly compare up to 7 quotes. The movers are categorised as Gold, Silver and Bronze, based on the quality of service they offer and their charges. You can also read unbiased reviews and choose the one you think is best.

The best part about moving with Glovve is that you get more than just packers and movers. Glovve offers A to Z home moving services which includes Car TransportationHome SearchPackers and MoversStorage SolutionsFurniture RentalsHome Settling-in Services,Office Moves and more.

When you get all this and more under one roof, why look elsewhere?

If you’re moving home soon, get your FREE home moving quote from Glovve NOW.

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