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Why is house moving such a stressful process?


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Even though the home moving process isn’t as big a nightmare as it is made out to be, it is still a highly demanding and challenging one. If you have relocated before, you would know that already. If you haven’t and want to know why house moving may invoke negative emotions, this article is just what you need to read! So here are a few reasons why house moving may turn out to be a highly stressful activity:

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  • You move away from your near and dear ones: When you relocate to a different city or to a different part of the same city, you leave behind a lot of friendships that you would have developed over the years. Your kids would probably have to change their school, which would mean that they too would drift away from their close friends in their school and the neighbourhood. And when you move away from people you share a loving relationship with, you are bound to find the situation to be emotionally difficult to handle.
  • You change your job: A home relocation is usually accompanied by a job switch. A job switch is a challenge in itself, as you would know if you have done that previously. And when you change your residence along with your job, the challenge manifests itself. You find yourself in a new environment both personally and professionally. And you may take time to adjust to these sudden changes.
  • New environment / Cultural changes: If you are moving to a different city or state, like say for example, from Mumbai to Chennai, you may find the cultural differences to be too vast to adjust to initially. This would naturally make you feel stressed.
  • You leave your ‘home’: You develop an emotional attachment to the house you live in. That cement and brick construction is ‘home’ for you. There would be so many memories associated with that home. So when you leave that place you called home for the longest period of time, emotional upheaval is bound to follow.

The above reasons make it abundantly clear why house shifting is such a stressful activity. The stress, though, may be compounded if you don’t hire professional packers and movers. An inefficiently executed house relocation would only complicate the problems that follow it. So make sure you hire reputed and reliable packing and moving service providers to keep the stress levels at a bare minimum.

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