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Why are professional packers and movers more reliable than freelance operators?


 choose professional packers and movers over freelancers and relax!

The packers and movers market is replete with many ‘freelance’ or ‘man and a van’ operators. These so called service providers offer their services at a price that professional and reliable packers and movers in India could never match. This lower price coaxes many customers to opt for them over their professional counterparts. However, the services these freelance operators provide leave a lot to be desired. You simply can’t rely on them to complete your move safely and securely (or complete it at all!). The following reasons would make it abundantly clear just why is that the case.

Why house relocation in India with freelance operators isn’t such a good idea after all!

  • They lack experience and expertise: Freelance operators do not have the experience of handling a variety of different house moves, something that professional service providers have in abundance. Even more importantly, professionals have the technical nous to handle any kind of house relocation.
  • No accountability: Freelancers are not answerable to anyone. But with professional service providers, on the other hand, the personnel deployed by them to handle your relocation are accountable to their company for every action they take. They are way more likely to handle your house shifting responsibly. You can be assured that there would be no cutting corners in their service delivery.
  • Lack of proper transit insurance and other documents: Professional packers and movers would provide you with a copy of the transit insurance policy along with the quote. Freelancers usually resort to self-insurance, something that is banned in India by the IRDA. Professionals would also provide you with a ‘commitment letter’ (or a ‘move plan’) upon order confirmation that contains information about how the move would be handled (the day on which the move is supposed to take place, how many people would be employed, if the vehicle would be a closed-body truck or not, etc.).

Professionally delivered packing and moving services would usually cost you more than the services offered by freelance operators. But if you want to be assured of a safe and hassle-free relocation, you now know which of them you should choose!

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