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Read this to avoid getting scammed and duped by fake packers and movers


The present day packing and moving industry is replete with ‘fake’ packers and movers. The sole motive of such fraudulent service providers is to scam, dupe and rob the innocent customers. Unfortunately, they succeed in their objective a lot more frequently than they should. The customers too are often unaware about how to differentiate between professional packers and movers and fake ones. So as always, we are here to your rescue! The following factors will ensure that you protect yourself against these fraudsters:

Protect yourself from fake packers and movers by identifying some crucial factors

  • Verify if there is chatter about them on social media: In the modern digital world, you'd hardly come across a business that doesn't have a presence on social media. And if the packing and moving service provider doesn't have a social media account, you can safely assume that either they are not serious about business or they are frauds! In either case, it is better for you to stay away from them.
  • Do not make any cash transactions: A hallmark of genuine packers and movers is that they will never ask for cash payments. And the opposite is true for the fraudsters! So refrain from doing any cash transactions with your packers and movers. Always pay by cheque or make an online payment. This will help you keep track of the transaction and will also serve as a proof in case the service provider does turn out to be a fraud. Reputed house shifting service providers will have an option for making online payments on their website.
  • Never pay more than half the bill amount upfront: Fraudsters have only one objective - to rob you by as big an amount as possible. They will hence ask for a hefty amount as an advance payment. The genuine ones though will be content with a minimal advance payment. As a rule of thumb, do not pay more than half the total bill amount as advance. Genuine service providers would anyways not ask for more than that.

These 3 tips should be more than enough to help you protect yourself from fake packers and movers. Yes, you're welcome!

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