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Packing for a home move? Make sure you aren’t shipping these 10 restricted items.

Author: Dipesh More

When planning a home move, the most important thing to do is hiring a moving company that’s right for you. Second, is packing all your household goods properly.

If you’ve hired professional packers and movers, they’ll most likely give you a list of things you can’t carry. If you’re still unsure, it’s best to ask.

You need to be extra careful when packing, especially if you’re moving long distance. You don’t want to land in trouble on your first day at the new country, right?

To make sure you don’t pack anything that’s prohibited, keep this list handy.

  • Deodorant cans
  • Deodorant cans are filled with gas that is highly flammable. It is also advisable to keep these cans away from direct sunlight.

    For sale, these are transported using special packing materials. If you pack it normally and ship it with other household good, it might catch fire or even explode.

  • Charcoal, match boxes and incense sticks
  • These are articles used for lighting a fire. Due to the heat in the moving truck, these are most likely to catch fire. And due to their flammable nature, the fire can easily spread.

  • Car batteries and motor oil
  • Car battery contains gas and acid. When shipping, these need to be packed very carefully with extra paddings. Even a slight dent or scratch in the battery can lead to an explosion or cause the gas to leak. What makes it worse is that the gas is colourless, extremely poisonous and can easily catch fire.

    Motor oil, also, fuels fire. Which is why, packers and movers don’t allow shipping these.

  • Chemicals and cleaning liquids
  • Cleaning liquids usually contain large amount of acids. In case of fire in the moving truck, this will not only spread it, but can also cause serious damage to goods and people.

    Also, carrying strong acidic liquids is prohibited in a lot of countries. To avoid mishaps, moving companies do not allow movers to carry chemicals and cleaning liquids like pool chemicals, kitchen and bathroom cleaning fluids, paint and paint thinners.

  • Loaded weapons
  • This is the most obvious item on the list, but still needs a mention. Loaded weapons are dangerous. There is no way you will be allowed to ship it along with your household goods. Also, different countries have different weapon ownership laws.

    Carrying loaded weapons is never permitted. But even otherwise, you need to have all your licenses and documents in place if you are carrying a weapon.

  • Meat, egg and dairy products
  • Though not explosive, these are easily perishable food items. Eggs are extremely brittle and can easily break when shipping. Meat and dairy products, on the other hand, can easily go bad when exposed to heat and sunlight for a long time. This is especially true if you’re moving long distance. Rotten meat, eggs or dairy products result in a foul smell that is not only discomforting but can spoil other things, too.

    For a long distance move, you also need to be careful about what’s allowed in which country.

    To avoid unwanted hassles, packers and movers don’t allow shipping of these products.

If you are unsure about packing something, the best thing to do is ask your moving company.

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