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How to shift home with a toddler?


House shifting with a toddler could be quite a challenging task to accomplish, which is not to say that moving without one is easy. But you need to take extra precautions while moving with a young child. You also need to ensure that the toddler does not get cranky during and after the home relocation. (We know that’s not easy, but it is certainly easier than keeping the missus calm, isn’t it?). So if you are looking for tips to make home shifting with a toddler easier, this blog will not disappoint you!

Make home shifting with a toddler easier with these 4 handy tips!

  • Pack and load toddler’s boxes at the end: For as long as possible, keep the toddler in an environment that he is most comfortable in - his room. Toddlers usually don’t take well to a change in surroundings too well, at least not initially. So make sure the toddler spends most of his time in a room he is familiar with. This will ensure he doesn’t get cranky too soon.
  • Keep the toddler away from packing activity: Packing generates a lot of dust. And little children fall prey to coughing much more easily and quickly than adults do. Keep your baby safe from this by keeping him away from packing activity.
  • Keep some of the toddler’s belongings close to him/her: Does your baby have a favourite blanket? Or a favourite toy? Keep all such favourites close to the baby throughout the house relocation process to keep him engaged and comfortable.
  • Set up the toddler’s room before other rooms: When the packers and movers reach your new residence with the transport vehicle containing all your belongings, ask them to unload and unpack the baby’s boxes first. Set up the child’s room as soon as possible so that you can recreate the environment of his old room and keep him away from dust as well.

With these handy tips, home moving with a toddler would get far easier than it actually is. All you need besides these for a hassle-free relocation with a toddler is a good packing and moving service provider and you are good to go!

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