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How to make your kids feel at home at your new house?


make your kids feel comfortable at your new home with these easy-to-execute tips

Home moving could be quite a physically and emotionally taxing activity, even more so for kids. They are bound to get more emotionally attached to the house, their surroundings, and their neighborhood friends than adults. So leaving a house and moving into a new one could be a potentially uncomfortable process for them. But don’t worry just yet though! You could make them feel at home at your new residence by taking the following steps:

Help your kids feel at ease after home shifting with these handy tips!

  • Involve them in the packing process: When you involve children in packing, it takes their mind away from the emotions that they might feel on account of the home shifting. It also makes them feel valued and important. So give them a small box and ask them to put their toys, books and other belongings in it. Encourage them to pack the box themselves.
  • Make the packing process exciting for them: Paste a funky sticker on their box. Better still, paste your child’s photo on the box. Ask them to label boxes with colourful markers (but keep an eye on them while they are at it to ensure that the boxes are labelled correctly!). Do anything that makes packing and moving exciting, or at least engaging, for them.
  • Unpack their boxes and set up their room on priority: Kids may experience all sorts of sentiments on their first day at a new place, even more so if they are unoccupied. So ask your packers and movers in India to unpack their boxes first and set up their room so that you can keep their mind occupied.
  • Acquaint them with kids in the neighbourhood: When you step out to acquaint yourself with your new neighbours, take your kids along with you and introduce them to other kids in the neighbourhood. The sooner they make new friends, the sooner they will forget about the memories attached with your old residence.

While your kids may take time to adjust to the new surroundings post a house relocation, you could very well accelerate the process by acting on the tips mentioned above. This will help them adapt quicker and more organically. Thank us later!

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