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4 things most likely to get damaged during house shifting


House shifting is a process where many of your belongings are at risk of getting damaged. Of course, these risks are largely nullified if you hire the services of professional packers and movers in India. However, it still wouldn’t do you any harm to identify these easily damageable items. So here are the 4 most crucial ones among them.

find out about the 4 things that are likeliest to get damaged during house shifting

  • Electronics: Electronics are easily damageable and expensive too. A scratch to your computer screen or a dent in your refrigerator’s body could take weeks to fix. So ensure that your packers and movers have used proper materials and techniques to pack and move your electronics. Bubble wraps are the order of the day!
  • Antiques: Antiques are expensive and usually made out of breakable materials. Another thing that makes antiques susceptible to damage is that they do not come in regular shapes or sizes, which may make it a tad bit difficult to wrap them.
  • Heirlooms: Heirlooms may or may not be expensive but they certainly have tremendous emotional value. Losing them to a packing and moving mishap would most likely cause an emotional upheaval. And if that heirloom has been passed on to you from your wife’s family, you may even have to sleep in the hall for months! So make sure they are transported in sturdy wooden crates or other appropriate containers.
  • Expensive cutlery or glass items: Expensive dishes, glasses, etc., the ones that are reserved for special occasions, are easily breakable. So just like you would want it to be with your electronics, expensive cutlery and crockery also need to wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap before they are packed in boxes.

The prospect of damage to the items mentioned above is enough to give you sleepless nights. You could, however, avoid that by hiring the services of our packers and movers who have handled such items with aplomb over the years. Move with the right people to get the right results!

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