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Glovve offers complete House Shifting Services.
Includes Home Finding, Packing & Moving, Storage and Furniture Rentals…

Take advantage of end-to-end house shifting services in India, or abroad.

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Find your new home. Get trusted Packers & Movers to shift your household items safely. Settle-in at your new home comfortably. Store your precious items safely. Glovve’s dedicated house shifting team ensures you a hassle-free home moving experience from start to finish.

Here is a comprehensive list of Glovve’s Services across all our locations in India.

  1. Glovve Home Search Service, helps you find your New House on Rent or for Sale.
  2. Glovve Home Packing & Moving Services, helps you Move to your new Home.
  3. Glovve Car Moving Services, transports your Car, Bike, or SUV anywhere in India.
  4. Glovve Secure Storage Services, stores your precious stuff at our storage facilities in India.
  5. Glovve Furniture Retail Services, helps you lease Furniture, Home Electronics and Automobiles.
  6. Glovve Home Settle-in Services, fixes all issues in your new Home and provides Orientation Services at your new Location.
  7. Glovve Office Relocations, moves your Business, or Office to a new location.

Glovve’s experienced house shifting team understands the nuances of home moving. Which is why Glovve can help you with house shifting within the same city, with relocating your house to another city, or even moving house internationally.

We know that home moving can be a traumatic experience for you, particularly if something goes wrong. Since you don’t shift your house very often you may lack the knowledge and experience to ensure your move goes smoothly. That is why we urge you to leave the daunting home shifting tasks to Glovve’s team of experts.

This way you get to focus your energies on activities that really count. So let’s see in a step wise manner how Glovve can help you at every stage of your house shifting, say in Kolkata.
First you need to find a new house for rent or for sale in Kolkata.

Find Houses on Rent, or For Sale, in Kolkata

Reputed Real Estate Partners in Kolkata | Personalized Service | No Extra Costs

Glovve’s dedicated Home Finding Service is unlike any other Property Broker or Real Estate Partner Services in India. Glovve treats your home requirement as a very personal, intimate need of your family. You are different and so is your requirement. Glovve’s dedicated Home Move Consultant will take a formal brief from you to understand your exact requirements for a house Kolkata.

With Glovve’s Dedicated Home Search you don’t need to feel out of sorts in your new city or be taken advantage of because you don’t know better.

Even better, you don’t need to take precious time off your work to go house hunting. You don’t need trawl painfully through confusing property and home search website. You don’t have to lose sleep, or hair, about guarantees of service.

You get honest, friendly help with finding your home in Kolkata. A dedicated Glovve Consultant will work with professional real estate partners in Kolkata. The team will work with your special needs. You get personalized services. You find your dream home in Kolkata. Plus, you get the service at not extra cost to you.

This is why it makes so much sense to choose Glovve’s network of trusted realtors for finding homes on rent or for sale in Kolkata.

Now, why would you want to miss out on such a good deal?

Your Home Search over, your next step is to get reliable Packers & Movers in Kolkata.

Get trusted Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

Trusted Movers & Packers in Kolkata | Free instant Quotes | Great Deals

Glovve can help you shift your house through trusted Movers & Packers in Kolkata, or for that matter, in any city in India.

Tell us what help you need? Local Packers and Movers to shift your home within Kolkata or any other city?
Packers and Movers within India? Or International Packers and Movers?

The advantage at Glovve, is that you get instant quotes from trusted movers and packers. What’s more, you get to compare movers and packers profiles, view ratings by customers, and read reviews.

At the end of it, you make informed decisions on who to shift your house with. You book online, get help from our Move Consultant all through your move, track you home shift online, and more.

Why would you risk moving house with unknown packers and movers, now?

Ready to find a Mover and Packer?

How to reduce your moving costs in Kolkata

Give stuff away | Sell a few | Store some

Now it is time to plan your move in advance to reduce costs.

The cost of moving your house depends on two things:

  1. The quantity of household stuff that you move, and
  2. The distance across which you move it

Regardless of how well you pack your stuff, there are chances of damage to your items remains when you shift your house.

We try to minimize this but if anyone tries to tell you that they can do away with damage 100%, they are lying.

You can’t control poor road conditions, weather, and many other factors at play during transport. Which is why it makes so much sense to reduce your risk by shifting your house with fewer items.

We urge you to plan ahead with support from our Move Consultants before you actually shift your home in Kolkata.

The idea is to optimize your home shifting to best fit your needs. As you know real estate is expensive these days. Each inch you occupy is too precious to be wasted. There may be items in your home that you don’t use, but is too dear to discard. Like the grandfather clock or the colonial furniture that you just can’t let go. Why let this take up valuable living space, or clutter it?

If your furniture is old, does it makes sense to spend money to move it? Or would you better off if you sell it? For old and depreciated electronic items such as a refrigerator, TV, washing machine, geyser and air conditioner, it’s always better to sell it than spend money shifting it to another city.

These allow you to store your unused valuables. Plus, it lets you explore the option of leasing new furniture, appliances, and vehicle. Either way, you end up saving money.

Store your precious stuff safely in Kolkata

Secure Storage Facilities | Personalized Service | Reasonable Rental

Stash away all your precious furniture and warm memory-evoking items at Glovve’s state-of-the-art storage facilities across India.

One more way that Glovve helps you optimize your move costs is through Glovve’s Furniture Rental Services.

Explore Glovve’s Furniture Rentals
in Kolkata

Widest Access to Furniture Sellers | Personalized Service | Competitive Rates

You can take advantage of Glovve’s Furniture Leasing & Rentals for your new home furniture, appliances and vehocles.

  1. Send us a list of the old furniture and appliances that you do not wish to move.
  2. Tell us the about the new appliances and furniture that you need in your new home.
  3. Our experienced House Shifting Consultants will study your list and advise you on the best way forward.

Do note that we can help you get anything on lease in Mumbai. You can lease anything from Furniture, Electronic items, bikes, scooters and even cars.

You tell us what you want and we’ll be happy to source it for you.

The most daunting task while shifting your house is settling into your new home. It takes time and conscious effort. Your busy schedules may leave you with little time for this. This make it only harder for you to settle-in.

Wish someone could magically get your new house in order? Make settling-in easy peasy, without headaches?

Discover professional Settling-in Services
in Kolkata

Experienced Professionals: Handyman, Electricians, Plumbers, Maids and more stand by.

For the first time in India, Glovve offers a complete range of home settling-in services.

Tell us what you need to settle in at your new house: Electrician, Plumber, Handyman, Carpenter, Maid, Driver, Internet Provider, School in Kolkata. Leave all the chores of settling in to Glovve’s professional Settling In and Orientation Services in Kolkata.

We have partners across India to help you with experienced professionals whose backgrounds are thoroughly checked and vetted. This means you can trust the settling-in service blindly.

Need Electricians in Kolkata, Plumbers in Kolkata, Handyman Services in Kolkata, Carpenter Services in Kolkata, or House maids in Kolkata? You can rely on Glovve’s Settle-in Services to help you.

If you need to shift your Car, Bike, or other vehicles, choose only specialist car transportation profectionals.

Shift your vehicle through Glovve in Kolkata

Reliable Car Transportation Partners | Personalized Service | Competitive Rates

Need to transport your vehicle? Shifting your Bike, Car, or SUV when you move house?

Choose Glovve’s specialized Automobile Relocation Services all over India.

Glovve also helps you move your office or business without stress to you.

Get trusted office relocation services in Kolkata

Trusted Office Packers and Movers | Experienced Professionals | Great Deals

Shifting your office and business is exciting. Moving to bigger, newer premises is a new experience. You look forward to it. But, you know that office relocations are also fraught with problems.

You’ve a lot on your mind when you move your office. You’re worried about the downtime for your customers, orientation for your staff, reducing the damage to your property, and anxious about your staff gaining momentum at work after the office relocation disruption.

Whether you’re a small business moving office in Kolkata, or a multi-national corporation relocating its headquarters across the country, we can reduce the stress of your office shifting.

With over 60+ years of expertise in office relocation, and 500,000+ successful moves under the belt, Glovve has the experience to move your office, without hassles to you.

Glovve saves you stress with expert office relocation services.

Check out our City Resources section.

Learn more about the City you're shifting to. All your questions about the city your shifting house to are answered here.

What are the hotspots? Where can you learn about the arts and culture? What’s the weather like? Where do you put your child to school or college? Where can you find the best bargain? Where do you go for a restful weekend?

We have put together an extensive set of resources by city for you.

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