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Why buy when you can rent? Explore Furniture Rentals

Buying furniture is old-fashioned. Renting it is the new order.

The next time you think of buying expensive furniture, home electronics, or even cars and bikes, think again.

Your job may require you to relocate frequently, Or you may be staying in a rented house in a city where your job takes you. In such cases it’s always better to rent than buy.

Remember that everything you buy is usually suitable for the layout of your home at a particular stage of your life. Why get stuck with your purchase for eternity?

Reboot to the Smart Lifestyle of Renting Furniture

The metro life is changing fast. Cities are now opening to a new lifestyle. Today, just about anything that you need at your home is available on lease or rent.

Tell us what you want. We’ll source it for you.

Rent furniture – sofas, couches, reclining chair, liquor cabinets, beds, dining tables, and more.

Lease home electronics, appliances, and even cars, bikes and SUVs.

Pay per use for 6 months to few years or pay nominal monthly fee.

Glovve offers you furniture rentals that suit your needs as part of your home settling–in services. To give you the best options in renting, we have tied up with several Furniture Leasing Services in various cities. This saves you the efforts of talking to multiple vendors for your requirements plus the monies.

Rely on Glovve for the most reliable furniture leasing services
Aap ka Home Shifting ka Saathi

Don’t waste time contacting multiple websites for your requirements. Get Glovve to co-ordinate for you.

Get free, impartial consultancy for sourcing items for you. Take the best way forward.

Get the best deals. The longer you keep the items, the less you must pay.

Pay using Glovve’s Lease Service App. Enjoy peace of mind.

Rent furniture, appliances, and vehicles from Glovve in 4 simple steps


Send us a list of your lease items.


The Glovve Consultant will call you to advise you on best way forward.


Based on your final requirement we will get a quote for the items from multiple rental partners.


You pay Glovve a monthly EMI fee. We deliver your furniture to your home and set it up for you as you require.

Glovve offers you more than just Furniture Rental Services.

Glovve is a one-stop service for all your House Shifting needs as listed below:

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