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Vijayawada: The Global City of Future

Vijayawada is a city located on the banks of the river Krishna and it is the third largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city does not come under the list of the most visited ones in the country but it has much more to it than you would have thought. Did you know that Vijayawada was termed as the “Global City of Future”? And the fact that out of all the cities in India, Vijayawada has been assigned that moniker, suggests that there would be some pretty solid reasons behind it!

For its inhabitants, Vijayawada offers employment opportunities galore! The city provides excellent opportunities for professional growth with the plethora of construction companies that thrive here and the rapid development of the hospitality and educational sectors here. It has rapidly grown to be one of the strongest economies in the country. Vijayawada is well-connected with its fleet of buses that run on biodiesel. This has also led to the city being proposed for the ‘solar city projects’ in the country.



Relocating within/to Vijayawada

Apart from the professional opportunities offered by the city, you will also find plenty of avenues to unwind here. The architecture of the rock cut temple of the city, Akkanna Madanna, will leave you spellbound! Do not forget to visit the great Prakasam Barrage built on the river Krishna, where you will also find a one of its kind river museum. You can also plan to visit Bhavani Island which is situated on the river Krishna for a quick escape from work blues! There are numerous places in the city that are pretty underrated as weekend getaways but make for great destinations for the same nevertheless.


Know About Glovve's Packers And Movers in Vijayawada

Vacating your old home and shifting to an entirely new abode is one of the heftiest tasks that one has to execute. This is one major life event that demands an altogether different level of patience, persistence, and carefulness. Professional Packers and movers in Vijayawada can help you in successfully relocating to a better place, at a lesser cost and with the utmost of ease and convenience.

The moving process for new inhabitants is simplified by our packers and movers in Vijayawada. They take care of all moving related issues including car transportation, furniture rentals, storage solutions, etc. and make settling in to the city feel like an absolute breeze. Though not all service providers would provide you with all these services, or provide them at an acceptable standard, there is a wave of new entrants in the market who are attempting to change that. And leading that wave are Glovve’s packers and movers in Vijayawada.

We, at Glovve, are the most coveted packers and movers in Vijayawada. We help in solving all your relocation needs swiftly and timely. Our team of packing experts has a significant amount of expertise in the field of packing and moving. House shifting in Vijayawada is now easier than ever, with Glovve’s packers and movers in Vijayawada.  

At Glovve, we ensure that all your valuables and coveted household items and appliances are transferred safely. We understand how much you love your household treasures and we take it as a responsibility to execute this task with the best of our abilities. Our experts will guide you and suggest you the right way to execute your home relocation processes. If you’re planning to move, or know anyone who is willing to relocate to a better place, we are just a call away. Simply give us a call or drop us a mail and our relocation experts will get back to you.



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