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Kanpur - Leather city of the world

Kanpur has been bestowed with a variety of different epithets. It is known as the ‘the Manchester of India’ and ‘the leather city of the world’. While the former name had been given to it due to the presence of a flourishing textile industry in the city, that epithet has now been assigned to Ahmedabad due to the slow down in the growth of textile industry in Kanpur and the corresponding increase in growth in Ahmedabad for the same industry. However, no other city can stake claim to the title of ‘leather city’! The large leather tanneries on the river banks are the backbones of this city and they contribute massively to the Indian economy.

Kanpur is a city that proudly flaunts its modernity with malls like Z Square mall and Rave 3 mall. At the same time, however, it has not forgotten its culture and history. The city has a plethora of temples such as Shri Radhakrishna Temple, Jain Glass Temple, etc. that lend a touch of divinity to this city. Among other popular landmarks in the city are Buddha Park, Phool Bagh, Nana Rao Park, General Sir Hugh Wheelers Entrenchment, Moti Jheel Park, etc.


Relocating within/to Kanpur

Life in Kanpur could never get boring, especially if you love to live in the company of foodies and happy-go-lucky people. You can wake up to the delicious ‘Kanpuriya Dahi Mattha’ and ‘Imarti’ every morning and enjoy a serene evening at Ganges bank with spicy Dhaniya ke aloo and Batashe. Kanpur’s residents are renowned for their sense of humour and their ability to evoke laughter even in serious situations. A lively city with a rich cultural heritage, urban constructions, mouth-watering cuisine and the famous ’Kanpuriya lehzaa’ sets the premise for a vibrant and colourful life.


Know About Glovve's Packers And Movers in Kanpur

Finding reliable and professional packers and movers in Kanpur can be as difficult as finding a needle in a bale of hay. Trust us, you’d be left scratching your heads! So instead of venting out your frustration on your scalp, let Glovve’s packers and movers in Kanpur take care of everything!

Our USP which makes us the top packers and movers of Kanpur is our exceptional smart technology that guarantees transparency, 100% quality assurance and safety of goods. Our prompt services are available in a wide range of categories such as gold, silver, bronze and basic. These categories cover all kind of customer requirements making us the most reliable and trusted packers and movers in Kanpur.

We at Glovve packers and movers, haven’t restricted ourselves to house shifting but every ancillary aspect of it. Be it car transportation or storage solutions or providing furniture rentals, we cover it all! Now it should definitely not come as a surprise that we are regarded as the premier movers and packers of Kanpur!

Most of the times, relocating to the suburbs turns out to be cumbersome, as you may fail to find the right packers and movers in Kanpur who could lend the required support. With our team supporting you with their arsenal of exquisite services, moving to suburbs has become easier. Glovve’s packers and movers in Kanpur cover every nook and corner of the city. So whether you plan to shift to Koyla Nagar, Saket Nagar, Civil Lines, or any other part of Kanpur, the best packers and movers in Kanpur have got your back!

 At Glovve, we plan the entire house moving process systematically and ensure that there are no mishaps on the moving day. Move with Glovve for a safe and error-free house relocation in Kanpur.

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