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Jandiala - Artisan Hub of Amritsar

The city of Jandiala is located on the legendary Grand Trunk Road in the Amritsar district of the state of Punjab. There is a significant history associated with this city pertaining to the time of the British Colonial Rule as it formed an important part of the Amritsar Tehsil. The city is located on the route line of the north western railway, which proved very significant for its industrial growth in the early years of railways. This strategically important location of Jandiala has played a crucial part in its economic growth.

Jandiala is home to some highly skilled artisans who produce beautiful pieces of work that are in high demand in neighbouring cities and are also exported all around the world. Jewellery and utensils sectors have flourished greatly due to the presence of SUCH talented artisans in the city. But effective economic growth came as a result of the excellent transport facilities within the city and to its surrounding areas. Railways and roadways have thus played a major part in making Jandiala the city that it has become today!


Relocating within/to Jandiala

The beauty of Jandiala lies in the diversity of religious beliefs that are followed by its residents who live in complete harmony. Communal tension? What is that? If you are looking forward to a quiet and peaceful evening away from work, then you can head to the famous Gurudwara of Baba Handal. The cultural heritage of the copper and brass utensils has been appreciated by UNESCO and it would be worth your time to check them out at local markets. Jandiala promises to be a wonderful place to live in, doesn’t it?


Know About Glovve's Packers And Movers in Jandiala

We, at Glovve, are India’s leading home relocation organization specializing in the provision of a multitude of services relating to home shifting in Jandiala. Our services are crafted especially according to the needs and demands of our clients and we leave no stone unturned in executing them in the best possible manner.

Our vision is to help every individual by providing them with the level and quality of services that they expect from packers and movers in Jandiala. We follow a strict and professional approach which is time-based and decided in advance according to a set of rules that need to be followed. And our packers and movers in Jandiala stick to those rules with aplomb! 

Home shifting in Jandiala is now just a call away with Glovve! We are known as the top packers and movers in Jandiala and this is solely because of our dedication in terms of work. Our team comprises of professionals from all walks of life who happen to have immense expertise when it comes to home shifting in Jandiala.

With Glovve’s packers and movers in Jandiala, you can stay assured that any pesky issues like breakage or loss of goods, wear and tear in transportation or improper placement of valuables in your new space will never arise. We know what it takes to be the most trustworthy packers and movers in Jandiala and our services are aligned with the same vision. 

At Glovve, we have successfully catered to a large number of client requirements throughout India and still continue to do so. Our customers call us their ‘Home moving ka saathi’! So why trust someone else with your house move when you can move with the best movers and packers in Jandiala?

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