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Ajmer - The City of Dargah

Ajmer city is surrounded by Aravalli mountains around it. It serves as a pilgrimage for the holy place of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.Ajmer is a bustling, chaotic city located 130km southwest of Jaipur. It is also the stepping stone towards the Hindu pilgrimage town of Pushkar.

Ajayameru is the Sanskrit name of the city. Ajayraj Singh Chauhan founded Ajmer in the late 7th century A.D.  It was under the control of Chechi Gurjars. The Chauhans are basically among Chechi Gurjars. In the 12 century, Muhammad Ghor conquered Ajmer. He was the one who founded the Delhi Sultanate. After conquering the city, he offered an autonomy to Chauhan in return of a huge amount. 

Ajmer is a paradise for those looking for peace and quiet. There are many things to do in Ajmer. Sitting by the lake. Or, learning about the heritage of the city. Every experience here is soul-satisfying. Ajmer is the perfect blend of Hinduism and Islam. It is an amazing amalgamation of two different traditions. Its picturesque lakes, forts and museums are the perfect places to take a break from your daily routine.

Relocating within/to Ajmer

The things you get in Ajmer serve as the reflection of the ancient mood of the city. Old silver jewellery with its exclusive designs resembles a different era. When in Ajmer, do indulge in street-shopping. Some of the best places you can visit are Naya Bazaar, Dargah Bazaar, Mahila Mandi, Churi Bazaar and Urban Haat Bazaar. If you want to explore the city, offline furniture shopping would be the best thing to do. For convenient shopping, online stores are the best. If you aren't sure about buying new furniture yet, the best thing to do is rent furniture, instead.

Know About Glovve Packers And Movers in Ajmer

Ajmer, with its cultural heritage and business opportunities, attracts innumerable people every year. Quite naturally, in today’s fast-paced life, it is difficult to arrange for a Home relocation in Ajmer. But when you need to shift somewhere, there is no option but to search for Professional Packers and movers in Ajmer. So, if you are planning to relocate, then you must any how find the most trusted packers and movers in Ajmer and utilise their professional services to move your items safely from one place to another.

At Glovve, we offer an array of packing and moving services in Ajmer. The years of experience that our service providers have accumulated in this industry and specifically in this city, makes them the best packers and movers in Ajmer. 

Our services are affordable and reliable at the same time. Opt for different offers on goods transfer that suit you best. Our company follows and believes in the principles of transparency and integrity, something that you can’t say about most service providers. If you are searching for Top Packers and movers in Ajmer then there is only one option, and that is Glovve. 

We offer most affordable solutions for household goods relocation and transportation services when you need Best Packers and movers . Our trained service providers ensure that your valuables are packed with care and transported safely to their destination. As pioneering Packers and movers in Ajmer, we provide a whole range of house moving services at prices that are unmatched in the market.

Save time and choose us as we are the only movers and packers in Ajmer who provide cost-effective and prompt goods transportation and packaging services that you can rely on. Contact us at the earliest for hands-on assistance and quick relocation support!

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This is the most important part of planning a home move. This should also be where you start your planning and preparation.


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You need to be extra careful when packing, especially if you’re moving long distance.