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Glovve is a Leading Online Home Relocation Services Company in India. Using internet Technology, Glovve mission is to various kinds of services find disruptive ways to make Home Moving Services more delightful for Customers as well as our Partners who comprise Local Packers and Movers, Domestic Packers & Movers, International Home Relocation Companies, Car Relocation Services, Household Transportation, Truck Logistics Services and there Home Service providers like Rental Home Finding, Home Storage Services, Handyman Services like Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Maids etc. who help in Home Settlement Services. Finding Movers and Packers in India for Home Moving through conventional methods is an arduous task. It is often difficult to tell with the limited information available who is a reliable Movers & Packers and who is not.

Most Packers & Movers promise the moon at the time of the Sale and provide quotes in ambiguous ways that it becomes difficult to understand what the final landing price at the destination would be. And as the Move is in progress, one discovers several hidden cost that becomes an obligation to pay without any chose to reconsider. With Glovve we have cut down the ubiquity by giving you an opportunity to work with Movers and Packer painstakingly sourced and trained by Glovve's experienced team. We ensure 100% transparency in all our commercial transactions to ensure that our Partners deliver what we promise. The entire process is controlled through end to end Tech to ensure transparency, continuity and commitment to service delivery.

Our customer gets to choose Movers and Packers from three categories of Service offerings depending on their budgets. Based on these grades Service delivery is guaranteed with dedicated Move Co-ordinators who will ensure that you are guided through the process from start to end. We also take care of the Insurance policy needs for your Move. In case of any damages or loss during transit, our Team will ensure that the best services are offered to ensure the Insurance claims are handled with minimal delays. On the whole Glovve ensures that our Partner Packers & Movers are bound to deliver your entire move in the most hassle-free manner possible.

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Why Choose to get reliable Packers & Movers Services?

Glovve's mission is to make Home Moving a pleasurable experience for our customers. We recognize that Home Moving can be a tedious exercise for anybody when you need to plan and execute every aspect of Moving your entire Home from its current location to a new location. Starting with Finding your new Home - which itself is an arduous task. And after that the actual job of Shifting the Home with all your precious belongings to the new Home in a New Destination.

The purpose of Glovve's existence is to be a friend to every one of our customers in this hour of need. Someone who you can trust, to give you advice, and to guide you, to ensure that your entire Home Move process takes place in the smoothest way possible. And that is really our promise.

With this in mind, we will assign for you a dedicated Move Consultant, who has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your Move. Right from the first call when you discuss your requirements, they will advise you on what is best for you on every aspect related to your Home Move.

One of the most unique thing about how we work is how we price your Move. It is important that you share all your requirements at the outset itself. Based on your requirement and your choice of the type of Service (Gold, Silver or Bronze) a Price quote will be sent to you. All components of the costs will be shown clearly in the price quote, to ensure that there is total transparency and you are not hit by surprise with hidden charges later. This is an oft experienced scenario when you work with most Packers & Movers in the Market - Where they quote less just to win the move. No clear breakup is provided and after you pay the advance and your progress forward, you will discover new aspects that you will need to pay extra - This never happens when you work with Glovve.

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What We Do and Where We Operate

We work with some of the best Packers and Movers in every city in India today. Depending on your expectations of service levels based on your budget you can choose between Gold, Silver or Bronze.  We will then select the right Packers and Movers for the job from our national network of Packers & Movers and Transporters. This selection will also be based on proximity to your Origin Home and your Destination Home for both Local Home Moving and Intercity Home Moving as the case may be. All our Packers & Movers are selected based on stringent criteria. They are then trained on Service Level expectations as well as for working within our Tech-driven process, which ensure total control on the Service Delivery by our partners at any location whether it is at the customer's home, or warehouse of in transit.

All your requirements will be communicated to the selected Packers & Mover through well-structured processes - which leaves nothing to chance. A Move Plan will be sent to you after a detailed discussion with you by a Move Operations executive. And the same is also shared with the Packers & Mover Team that is assigned the job. Everything gets executed as per the plan. With a dedicated Move Consultant and a Move Executive by your side, you have nothing left to worry about.

Beyond human error, we rely on a tight insurance policy. Something that we insist is a must when it comes to moving precious belongings by road. All aspects of the insurance will be handled by our Team, to ensure that based on the value of your belongings an appropriate policy is purchased to secure your assets. When you work with local Packers & Movers, insurance is always a grey area. Even if you take the precaution to purchase insurance on your own, in the event that you need to file a claim, the onus usually will be on you the go through all the drudgery and paperwork to get the insurance company to approve your claim and release the money. Not So in the case of Glovve. Glovve takes full responsibility for the Insurance claim. You need to do nothing and we will ensure that your insurance claim is honoured in a timely manner.

Happy Customer Stories

Raj Malhi

Raj Malhi,

Financial Consultant (Delloite)

The key difference between Glovve and other local Movers & Packers is the accountability and professionalism with which they approach their customers. They are quite professional and I am happy with the service.

Shalaka Patil

Shalaka Patil,

Legal Consultant (Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas)

I used after I saw an ad. I found the service to be professional (unlike the usual Local Packers & Movers). The price was also quite reasonable. I have no problem recommending the service to my friends.

Bharat Pithwa

Bharat Pithwa,

Asst. Marketing Manager (Way 2 Wealth)

Its high time someone thought of providing Home Moving Services through Online. Tried Glovve’s service more out of curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised- Really delighted with the way they approach it – particularly the instant pricing. Think this is a great idea. Good luck to the innovative team.

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When it comes to moving locally in Mumbai or from Mumbai to a different city in India, you have various choices to seek from for transportation of your goods. One of the most cost effective services is by the freight movers, albeit warehouse to warehouse. Packing and also the last mile becomes your responsibility. A few cargo movers also don't offer insurance cover to the used house good. whereas this can be a preferred service to a few for its low rating, this could certainly not be your selection of transport.

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